Platforms for scientific achievements transformation
Golden Rice Seeds Co.,Ltd of Guangdong and Huamao High-tech Seeds Co.,Ltd of Guangdong co-invested by GDRRI, are mainly engaged in rice seed production and marketing management. These two companies are important platforms for GDRRI to promote the popularity and transformation of its new rice varieties and relevant technology.
Transfer of Research Achievements
Since the implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, GDRRI has strengthened its cooperation with many leading agricultural enterprises in and outside Guangdong province, including China Seed Group Company, Longping High-tech, Beijing Jinse Nonghua Seed Industry Technology, Hefei Fengle Seed, Jiangxi Modern Seed Industry, Sichuan Taiwo Agriculture Technology, Wuhan Honggeng Seed, Guangxi Zhaohe Seed, Fujian Kehui Seed, Hunan Youzhi Seed, Guangdong Golden Rice Seeds, etc., and worked together with them to commercially develop new rice varieties by signing licensing contracts. In total, 83 transfer agreements were signed. Among them, the transfer income of CMS-line ¡°Guang 8A¡± rice was 18.08 million yuan, a new record high in domestic hybrid rice variety transfer market. The transfer income of ¡°Yuehe Simiao¡± was 5 million yuan, breaking the record of varieties transfer in domestic inbred indica rice market. Through cooperation with seed companies, new rice varieties are rapidly popularized in the production, which has accelerated the industrialization of its scientific and research achievements.
  • Bid Invitation and Bidding Fair of the Variety-use Right Transfer of rice
    CMS-line ¡°Guang 8A¡±

  • Signing Ceremony of the Variety-use Right Transfer of male sterile
    line rice ¡°Yuejing 1S¡±.

Serving "Agriculture, rural areas and Farmers"
with science and technology
Aiming to serve Agriculture, rural areas and farmers with advanced science and technologies, GDRRI has been actively engaged in providing various services based on the actual local conditions, including the S&T support in the rural areas, S&T training, field guidance, field observation, demonstration zones building, etc. GDRRI has been endeavoring to publicize its achievements and accelerate the popularization and application of its outcomes. In recent years, rice varieties and cultivation technology developed by GDRRI have been applied in over 75% of the rice production acreage in Guangdong, with the transformation rate of S&T achievements over 90% . As a leading institute, GDRRI has made significant contributions to the development of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.
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